Secondary Education Teaching Professionals

Professionals in education contribute to the development of individuals by teaching and fostering learning. They work in schools, colleges, universities, and other educational settings.

Areas of Work:

  • Primary School Teacher: Educating children in foundational subjects.
  • High School Teacher: Teaching specialized subjects to older students.
  • College/University Professor: Conducting research and teaching at higher education levels.
  • Educational Administrator: Managing educational institutions and programs.

Academic Requirements:

  1. ACSEE Level:
    • Obtain a minimum of two principal-level passes. History, Geography, Kiswahili, English language
    • Meet the university’s specified total points requirement.
  2. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.):
    • Apply for admission to a recognized university offering the B.Ed. program.
    • Successfully complete the program, covering educational theories, teaching methods, and classroom management.
  3. Internship and Professional Development:
    • Complete teaching practicums to gain classroom experience.
    • Pursue additional certifications or postgraduate studies for career advancement.