The activity at a glance:

Biologists investigate, for example, structures and processes in humans, animals, plants and microorganisms in scientific research. They can also be active in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, product development, quality assurance, sales and customer advice or environmental protection.

Typical areas of work:
Biologists find employment, e.g.
–  at universities and Research institutes
–  in companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
–  in health sectors, e.g. in laboratories of hospitals
–  in botanical and zoological gardens and nature parks
–  in public administration, e.g. at environmental offices

Academic requirements:                                                                                                               

To be a recognised biologist, you should complete your Degree (Bachelor of Science) in Biology. For entry requirement into this study programme, you need two principal passes in your Advanced Levels (ACSEE) with at least “D” grade in Biology and one of the following subjects: Chemistry, Physics or Geography.

Alternatively you should have completed a Diploma in Education, Agriculture, or Forestry with an average of “B” or GPA of 3.0 and four passes at “O” level and a credit pass in Biology at “O” level

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