Midwifery Profession

Profession Overview:

Nurse-midwives specialize in maternal and reproductive health, providing care to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. They also offer family planning services and support women’s health throughout their lifespan.

Areas of Work:

  • Maternity Clinics and Hospitals: Assisting in childbirth and providing postpartum care.
  • Community Health Centers: Offering reproductive health services and family planning.
  • Educational Institutions: Teaching and training future healthcare professionals.
  • Public Health Organizations: Contributing to maternal and child health programs.

Academic Requirements:

  1. ACSEE Level:
    • Attain at least two principal-level passes, with Biology as a preferred subject.
    • Achieve a total of points meeting the university’s requirements.
  2. Nursing Midwifery Programs (Diploma/Bachelor’s):
    • Enroll in a recognized nursing midwifery program, which may offer diploma or bachelor’s degree options.
    • Complete the required coursework, clinical rotations, and practical training.
  3. Registration:
    • Register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Tanzania after completing the nursing midwifery program.