Nursing Professionals

Profession Overview:

Nurses are essential healthcare professionals who provide patient care, administer medications, and offer emotional support. They work collaboratively with doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure comprehensive and compassionate care.

Areas of Work:

  • Hospitals: Working in various departments such as medical-surgical, pediatric, or critical care.
  • Clinics: Providing outpatient care and health education.
  • Nursing Homes: Caring for elderly or long-term care residents.
  • Schools: School nurses focus on student health and well-being.
  • Community Health: Engaging in public health initiatives and community outreach.

Academic Requirements:

  1. ACSEE Level:
    • Attain a minimum of two principal level passes in science subjects, with Biology as a preferred subject.
    • Achieve a total of points meeting the university’s requirements.
  2. Nursing Programs (Diploma/Bachelor’s):
    • Enroll in a recognized nursing program, which may offer diploma or bachelor’s degree options.
    • Complete the required coursework, clinical rotations, and practical training.
  3. Registration:
    • Register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Tanzania after completing the nursing program.