Partner with Us

We would be happy to join forces with you to support young people in Tanzania who are struggling  to pursue their dreams and make a living.  There  are multiple ways we can join our efforts to provide an effective support:

  1. You are an employer and would like to give a chance to young people to get work experience by doing an internship, volunteering service, marginal employment (e.g. to collect school fees) or even an employment.
  2. You are an individual who would like to provide financial support to young people who are struggling with school fees or a capital to start a business. We work by the principal of empowerment, thus encourage  and support young people to raise at least 50% of their financial need through their own means and complement the remaining financial gap. For transparency, we can connect you directly to the respective person you are willing to support financially
  3. You are connected with different employers and and are willing to support young people in getting a job or work opportunity.

If you identify yourself with one of the persons above or see another way of supporting young people and partner with us. We will be happy to get in touch with you.


Our Patners: