Anthropologists study human societies, cultures, and behavior. They may conduct fieldwork to understand social structures, traditions, and the dynamics of different communities.

Areas of Work:

  • Cultural Anthropologist: Studying cultural practices and beliefs.
  • Applied Anthropologist: Applying anthropological methods to solve real-world problems.
  • Forensic Anthropologist: Assisting in criminal investigations through the analysis of human remains.
  • Museum Curator: Managing cultural artifacts and exhibitions.

Academic Requirements:

  1. ACSEE Level:
    • Obtain a minimum of two principal-level passes. History, Geography, Kiswahili, English language
    • Meet the university’s specified total points requirement.
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (BA Anthropology):
    • Apply for admission to a recognized university offering the BA Anthropology program.
    • Successfully complete the program, covering cultural anthropology, archaeological methods, and anthropological theory.
  3. Internship and Professional Development:
    • Engage in fieldwork or internships to gain practical experience.
    • Contribute to anthropological research projects and publications.