Authors, Journalists

Professionals in Journalism and Mass Communication work in media to gather, create, and disseminate news and information through various channels.

Areas of Work:

  • Journalist/Reporter: Investigating and reporting news stories.
  • Public Relations Specialist: Managing communication between organizations and the public.
  • Broadcast Journalist: Presenting news through television or radio.
  • Social Media Manager: Handling social media communication for organizations.

Academic Requirements:

  1. ACSEE Level:
    • Obtain a minimum of two principal-level passes.
    • Meet the university’s specified total points requirement.
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (BA JMC):
    • Apply for admission to a recognized university offering the BA JMC program.
    • Successfully complete the program, covering journalism ethics, media writing, and communication theory.
  3. Internship and Professional Development:
    • Participate in internships with media outlets or communication agencies.

Build a portfolio of published works or media projects.