You are admitted to the University, but you lack study fees. This is what you can do.


To lack study fees in pursuing education in Tanzania is a common phenomena, unfortunately. The provision of loans to university students has lessen  this problem, and yet, the loan is not available to all students needing it. On top of that, there are difficulties for (unexperienced) students to get jobs which can provide them with money to pay their academic fees and cover their living expenses.

There surely be other factors hindering the way towards accomplishing your academic dreams, but that is not the thing this article is going to fucus on. The Focus here lies in encouraging you and giving you some ideas on how to attain your academic dreams. Before I provide specific ideas on how to go about the above mentioned problem, there is one more thought  I would like to share with you.

Success in accomplishing your academic dreams requires the courage to proactively take the responsibility of your own life. Disadvantages experienced due to the situation of your family, system or the environment you come from are to be examined carefully as you turn them into an advantage necessary to move on. This may surely require sometimes encouragement and guidance from another person. If you need someone, we are here for you. After setting up your mind, please consider the ideas below which can help you to overcome the barrier of study fees in attaining your education.

  1. Registration for your study semester requires direct payment of study fees. Semester fees my cost about 600 000 /- Tsh. You are properly advised, if you secure this amount before heading for your university. Apart from taking it from your savings, you can borrow the money or collect of from friends and relatives.
  2. Other expenses apart from academic fees, like rent/accomodation, cost for living/food, transportation etc. should be kept in focus. List all neccessary and unavoidable costs to be sure about the money which is actually needed. Consider the possibilty of saving costs by, for example, sharing an accomodation with other students/ people you know, taking enough food or other necessary items from home (e.g. sack of rice, beans, cooking untensils etc.)
  3. While studying, consider taking lunch box with you if it can help you to balance your expenditures. Having Chapati, maadazi, or rice with beans/vegtable in your hotpot can make you enjoy a decent lunch as well insted of going for more expensive canteen food.
  4. Consider looking for a part-time job. Free time (especially weekends) spent in working can help you to get money to cover living expenses and open doors and connections for getting money for your study fees, especially by working during semester breaks. You are well advised if you are not choosy. A student who is ready to work in normal places like in petrol stations, restaurants, stationaries, schools, saloon or any other places, depending on talent and availability of the job makes a big step towards independency. In case you have tried to look for a job at five different places, lower your expectations and try at ten other places. You will surely find something.
  5. Last but not least: As you strain yourself, dont forget to rest. Mental hygiene is very important to balance your study life and generate strenght and endurance to continue. Everybody has his/her own way here. While other practice religion, other practice sports and arts. Go for your onwn unique way.

There are different challenges to overcome as students, while making sure that studies are managed and performed well. Please, be one of those writing their success stories and inspire others by encouraging them. Do you have questions or challenges, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you as good as we can. Stay blessed.

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