Further Education for young people after Corona-lockdown

Form six, having finished their exams now, find themselves on the crossroad of important and independent decisions which will influence their career and their life altogether. This situation does not only face form six leavers, but all other young people who are desiring to pursue (further) educaton and create a better life in future.
Academic insitutions (schools, colleges, universities), now having been opened after the corona-relataed closure and many of them receiving applicatioin for study programmes already provide may not provide an in-depth support to young people regarding their career. The current short time frame for study application and the expected hectic in getting a place of study within this year may be a big unsurmountable challenge for a significant number of young people. Young people who need guidance in finding the right study programmes matching their potentials and future dreams, before submitting application, and not being able to get this support from parents, relatives or friends, may be in the danger of missing study opportunity or finds themselves in study programmes which do not fit to them. On top of this, failure to secure study fees has been a big reason for students not to pursue with their studies.
By providing career counseling service, we aim to provide support to youths on the way to secure their study opportunity a spart of the bigger goal to attain their education and make a better life. In particular, we provide help in 4 specified areas:
– determining your potentials and the right professional field fitting to them
– pursuing their desired further education in all academic levels
– job and volunteering services
– support in other matters pertaining attainment of their goals

If you need more information or assistance, donĀ“t hasitate to contact us through the contact information below.